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Lightency Token

The value of Lightency's token is primarily determined by its adoption, not by the volatility of crypto markets, thereby fostering sustained user loyalty and natural growth.

Lightency Governance

Lightency establishes a participatory, decentralized governance method, promoting project sustainability and encouraging diverse contributor participation.

Energy certification platform

We ensure energy produced is renewable, primarily to validate consumed energy's sustainable origin, addressing Scope 2 emissions in sustainability reports.

Lightency Powerchain

Powerchain's energy marketplace uses three core algorithms for an efficient, self-sustaining trading environment, promoting autonomous operations.

Green Marketplace

Lightency's Green Marketplace offers curated investment opportunities in renewable energy projects, delivering both financial returns and environmental impact

Lightency Defi

DeFi for anenergy-conscious society

Lightency creates the first one-stop liquidity pool to finance green energy projects and allow for environmentally-conscious staking and vesting mechanisms.
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19 Jul 2023
Navigating the Carbon Landscape: The Urgency of CO2 Footprint Calculation and the Impact of European Climate Laws