Who We Are ?

Lightency is a gathering of experts in deep technologies who strongly believe that in this digital revolution everyone has the right to consume energy without any difficulty and that renewable energy is the solution for climate change. Our alliance aims to put new technologies at the service of a green transition coupled with a strong economic and social impact.


Our Team.

Jaafar Saied
CEO Founder
Firas Belhiba
Alaa Souabni
Full stack web3.0 developer
Ala Chahtour
Full stack web3.0 developer

About us.

Lightency is a holistic Web3 platform that leverages blockchain technology and decentralized finance to drive a sustainable energy transition while empowering communities and investors alike.

  • 1 Vision

    Lightency: Illuminating the Path to a Sustainable, Decentralized Future, One Investment at a Time.

  • 2 Mission

    Our mission is to democratize access to renewable energy and sustainable investments. We leverage cutting-edge Web3 technologies to simplify renewable energy adoption, drive societal and economic impact, and empower communities. At Lightency, we're not just a marketplace; we're a movement towards a greener, more equitable world.

Why Lightency?

  • 1 Holistic Approach

    We're more than just a renewable energy marketplace. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, from green bonds to peer-to-peer energy trading via Powerchain.

  • 2 Technological Innovation

    Our platform is built on cutting-edge Web3 technologies, ensuring security, transparency, and efficiency.

  • 3 Community Empowerment

    Through our Energy DAO Governance, we give our community a voice in the projects we undertake, truly democratizing the green energy landscape.

  • 4 Societal and Economic Impact

    Our services are designed not just to provide financial returns but to create a tangible, positive impact on society and the environment.

  • 5 User-Centric

    We simplify the complexities of renewable energy adoption and sustainable investment, making it accessible and effortless for everyone.