Energy funds, Invest in a sustainable future

Lightency’s Energy Fund accelerates the creation and implementation of industry-shifting green energy projects worldwide. By investing in the fund, Crypto and Energy VCs will get above-market returns and a seat at the Lightency DAO council.


Future of green energy

Lightency Token

As it is minted through a Bonding Curve Contract, Light token gains in value through its adoption.


Light Token is the key to access and participating in Lightency services.

Governance granting

To ensure decentralisation and transparency, Light Token gives Dao membership to its holders.

Token utility

Lightency is a utility token that offers its holders access to all the features on the platform.

  • 01 Energy Funds

    To get Interesting returns and have a say in investment governance and decisions, investors will use Light token to invest in the Green energy projects here.

  • 02 Lightency DAO

    As they become members of Lighency’s DAOs, Light Token stakers can use their tokens to vote for or against projects and proposals.

  • 03 Rewards

    Rewards in the form of vested tokens will be distributed to partners and stakeholders based on the predetermined allocation and schedule outlined in the token economics model.

  • 04 Staking

    Thanks to its diverse staking packages with different lock-up periods, stakers will get attractive returns while positively impacting green energy projects.

  • 05 Energy Certificates

    To balance out their carbon emissions, Light Token offers households and organizations the opportunity to energy attribute certifications acquisition.

  • 06 Powerchain

    Light tokens allow Grid operators to purchase Powerchain services enabling green energy certification and selling electricity excess.

  • 07 Swaps

    In cash-out processes, Light tokens can be automatically converted to other preferred tokens.

How it works ?

Decentralized Finance

Lightency's one-stop liquidity pool for financing green energy projects with environmentally-conscious staking and vesting mechanisms is a significant development that promotes sustainable investment practices and accelerates the transition towards a greener future.


Lightency offers the NEAR community a myriad of flexible and locked staking options for maximized rewards.